The Townes Laser Institute

Fraunhofer Townes Collaboration

Research Topics:

In-volume selective etching of dielectrics and semiconductors

The scientific aspect of this in-volume processing technique relies on the ability of ultrafast laser radiation to locally change the refractive index and/or crystalline properties of the material. Irradiated volumes exhibit a significant enhancement of the wet etching rate. The 3D machining capability is provided by utilizing non-linear absorption effects of the laser radiation in the near- to mid-infrared spectral ranges and the use of nano-positioning equipment combined with aberration-corrected focusing optics. This approach will provide the ability to fabricate fully three-dimensional structures such as periodic planes, cavities, micro-channels and micro-reactors in the volume of commonly used dielectrics and semiconductors, revealing a wide variety of applications in photonics, telecommunications, microfluidics and life science.