The Townes Laser Institute

Fraunhofer Townes Collaboration

Research Topics:

Graphene fabrication

This research field aims to deliver macroscopic graphene films on dielectric, metallic and semiconductor substrates based on the ultrafast laser materials processing, now made possible by our recent advances in high-intensity laser interaction studies and novel experimental techniques for online process optimization and control. The physical aspect of the graphene fabrication relies on the ability of the ultrafast laser radiation to deposit optical energy into a substrate in a highly controlled manner, enabling near-threshold non-melting ablation regime. The approach will provide the ability to generate few-layer graphite and graphene films space-selectively at room temperature. The use of the novel high-intensity infrared ultrafast laser sources will open new pathways to fabricate graphene on any desired substrates and a variety of micro and nano devices for electronics, photonics, life science and sensing technologies.