The Townes Laser Institute

Fiber Optics Laboratory

Director: Dr. Axel Schülzgen


Research in fiber fabrication technology, nano-structured fibers, nonlinear fiber materials, fiber lasers, and fiber sensing applications.

Florida Attosecond Science and Technology

Director: Dr. Zenghu Chang


Generation of attosecond (10-18 s) and zeptosecond (10-21 s) x-ray pulses. The Double Optical Gating method is refined to generate shorter and stronger single isolated attosecond pulses with both few-cycle and multicycle lasers. We are working on the PROOF method for characterizing ultrabroad bandwidth attosecond and zeptosecond pulses. In the mean time, we are applying the unique attosecond light source to study correlated electron motions in atoms, molecules and condensed matters.

Laser Advanced Materials Processing

Director: Dr. Aravinda Kar


Engaged in novel manufacturing technology; new materials synthesis including optical, electronic and magnetic materials for a variety of applications such as sensors, detectors and medical devices; and process physics modeling.

Laser Plasma Laboratory

Director: Dr. Martin Richardson


Conducting research on X-ray and EUV optics and sources, X-ray microscopy, laser-aided material processing, and laser generated plasmas.

Laser, Spectroscopy, and Modeling

Director: Dr. Michael Bass


olid state laser design, diode laser array thermal management, optically written displays.

Multi-material Optical Fiber Devices

Director: Dr. Ayman Abouraddy

Research on novel optical fiber structures, nanophotonics, fiber-based optoelectronic devices, optical imaging using large-scale three-dimensional arrays constructed from photosensitive fibers, and mid-infrared fiber nonlinear optics.

Nonlinear Optics

Director: Dr. Eric W. Van Stryland


Conducting research on a variety of nonlinear optical effects, materials, and devices including nonlinear interactions in waveguides, nonlinear signal processing, optical power limiting, and characterizing materials response at picosecond and nanosecond scales.

Optical Ceramic

Director: Dr. Romain Gaume


Focusing on the development of transparent polycrystalline materials offering novel functionalities for laser physics, defense, sensing, nuclear surveillance and medical applications.

Photoinduced Processing

Director: Dr. Leonid B. Glebov


Conducting rigorous analysis, design, and demonstration of diffractive and holographic optical elements, subwavelength grating structures and their applications, E-M theory of grating diffraction, holographic optical information processing and storage, volume holography.

Ultrafast Photonics

Director: Dr. Peter J. Delfyett


Conducting research on ultrafast high power optical pulses from semiconductor diode lasers, for applications in applied photonic networks and laserinduced materials modification.